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For more than 20 years, our dedicated and passionate team has been innovating to make students learning experience more fun, more efficient and safer. We are proud to offer you a bunch of unique high quality services for guests who really want to learn and progress or just enjoy the endless rides foiling has to offer.

Boat assistance for increased safety and more time spent in the water!

With 3 jetskis and one Jetski-boat, we can adapt and offer different option to suit you needs. From intermediate wingfoiler who are looking to have increase safety and get away from the crowds to surf foiler wanted to discover tow-in foiling.

Radio-Helmets: Direct contact and feedback from your instructor.

No more shouting from afar! Radio-helmets allow you to have a clear listening of your instructor, in real time! This teaching tool contributes greatly to make your learning experience enjoyable(, safe and more than anything: efficient! Real time feedback on your actions during the lessons is definitely a plus!!!

Learn from your own mistakes! Leave with great pictures!

By mixing video analysis as well as practical advices, you will be able to progress much faster! We will record short videos of some of your key-moments to allow you to review them and learn from your mistakes. We found that people seeing their own mistakes are much likely to correct them more efficiently. We pride ourselves to create provide you with quality pictures and videos of your best moments!

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Founder & coach

Since the beginning of surf foiling, Tommy has always believed in the great potential of Fuerteventura as a Foiling Hub: year-round conditions for all the different foil modalities! With over 5000h of jetski driving, you can be sure your safety is in good hands!

Tommy Filc
Founder / Coach


Surf in 4D!

We will teach you the basic of Foil Surfing with the help of of jetski/boat. This will save you a lot of time in the learning process, allowing you to only focus on the foil control. Once you can consistently ride on the foil, we will bring you to take your first waves.

Age: Over 10 years-old

Min. level: none

Price: 145€/1h - 270€/2h (watertime)

Tow-in Foil

The new way to ride swell and waves!

If you already have a good foil control, it is time to try to catch you first waves! We offer an exclusive service of Foil Tow-in, pulling you into the best waves for your level! From small easy waves to barreling slabs for the most adventurous riders!

Min. level: Being able to water-start behind a jetski

Price: 145€/1h - 270€/2h (watertime)

Wing Foil

The latest of the foil sport!

No more frustration during those windy days! Wing foiling brings a new approach to riding your foil. From the lightest breeze to the stronger winds, wing foiling offers a safe way to sail around lakes, ponds, rivers, seas or oceans!

The Basic course is composed of 2 sessions of 2h in the lagoon to first learn how to handle the wing on big SUP boards, and then move onto foil control with speciafic beginner foils, adapted for you to progress safely and quicky.

The Full course is the Basic course + 3 extras sessions in the lagoon to fast track your learning experience and provide you with all the skills and knowledge to go and practice on your own.

Private intermediate / advanced coaching and guiding with photoshooting and videos is also available. (flat / waves)

Duration: Basic: 4h (2 days) / Full: 10h (5 days) / Private: 2h

Age: Over 12 years-old

Min. level: none

Price: Basic: 195€ / Full: 475€ / Private: 190€


Unlimited ocean rides!

Foil downwinders are one of the best feeling you can have on a foil. It is also one of the hardest discipline and we know how challenging it is to learn how to read the chops, bumps and swell in open water. That's why we offer to take you on a boat and assist you along the way, making the learning process much more enjoyable, all with radio-helmet guidance, to ensure live feedback!

Min. level: Being able to water-start behind a jetski/boat

Price: 145€/1h - 270€/2h (watertime)

Foil Camp Lajares

Eat, foil, sleep, repeat!

Vitamin Sea Guest House offers a great location in Lajares to accommodate you. Single rooms, double rooms, private rooftop suite, it has it all to suit your needs.

We can create the best foil + accommodation package for one person or for your group of friends.

We can arrange all extra services such as catering, yoga lessons, bike rental...

Age: Over 18 years-old

Min. level: none

Price: Tailor-made packages

Prone Foil

Paddling into foil waves!

From your first prone foil waves to some advanced coaching to improve your pop-up or pumping, we can assist you by being right there with you in the water.

We can also provide guiding to the best spots, according to your level and skills.

Min. level: Being able to take-off on medium size waves on a normal surfboard

Price: 80€/1h - 150€/2h (watertime)

Foil Gear for sale & rent

We work for some of the industry-leading brands to offer you the best equipment possible, available for rental, test, and retail.

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Unifoil has been of the fore-front of High-Aspect Ratio foils and we are excited to be the official dealer for the Canary Islands!

KT Foil Boards

From Hawaii as well, the well-know shaper of Kai Lenny is offering a wide range of boards for foil surfing and wing foiling.

and many more...

We also work with Naish, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Quattro, Axis...

ask us for more infos.

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