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Why Choose Us?


It is no coincidence if Lajares has grown into the watersport village of the Fuerteventura. There you will find many surfshops and surf bars and now you can even find our Foiling Club! Situated in the North of the island, Lajares offers the perfect location: equal distance to the east / west / north coast, allowing us to choose our riding locations according to the conditions.

Great weather

It is said that Fuerteventura has more than 300 days of sun per year! Indeed the weather is suitable for foiling year round, with a 3/2mm suit in winter and just shorties in summer. The summers tend to be windier and a bit flatter than the winters but foiling allows us to play all the time, no matter the conditions!

Safety first

We will personally look after your safety in the water, being along side you on every ride!

We respect your schedule

We stay flexible and respect your way to enjoy your trip. Let us help you plan your holidays to best suit you needs.

We have the magic

You'll feel it too! We are a team of professional instructors, we love what we do and sharing the stoke is our top priority!

Souvenir makers

We will constantly be behind the lens filming and shooting every ride.

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+34 626 200 345
Lajares, Fuerteventura